Cybersecurity and Data Privacy in CRE: 10 Steps to Manage and Mitigate Risk (Part 2)


CRE firms are more vulnerable than ever to cybersecurity and privacy threats that can arise from their handling of sensitive personal and financial information and their use of sophisticated building management systems. Those threats can pose substantial legal and financial risks to the organization. Part one of this two-part series described five steps that organizations can take to manage and mitigate those risks. This part will describe five more concrete actions that any CRE firm can to reduce its exposure and guard against the potentially disastrous consequences of a cybersecurity incident.


Key Takeaways:

  • CRE firms are increasingly more vulnerable to cybersecurity and privacy attacks.
  • Preparation for attempted attacks is key in mitigating risk and lowering risk of legal and financial responsibility and exposure.
  • Doing things like training your employees, vetting service providers, adding cybersecurity to your insurance and preparing incident response plans are a few ways to reduce or mitigate the risk.

“Review Your Insurance Policies and Consider Adding Cyber Liability Coverage.”

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